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The imperative
Date 18/10/2008 22:49  Author detail  Hits 998  Language Global

The imperative


> Imperatives are used to issue commands. They use the infinitive of verbs (dropping the word "to"); in the first person plural ("we"), the infinitive is preceded by "let's" (or: "let us"):

  • Speak!
  • Finish your homework!
  • Let's eat!
  • Close the door!

> The negative imperative is formed by placing "don't" (or "do not") before the imperative form; in the first person plural one uses "let's not" (or "let us not") :

  • Let's not forget who helped us.
  • Don't leave me!
  • Don't walk on the grass!
  • Please don't eat the daisies!

> The imperative has no effect on the word order of the rest of the sentence.


TEST - Find the imperative forms of these phrases:


1) you / go to the supermarket.
2) we / have a drink
3) you / not to smoke
4) we / not to take the car


ANSWERS 1. Go to the supermarket! 2. Let's have a drink! 3. Don't smoke! 4. Let's not take the car. (We'll go there by bus).


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