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Colours Learn About Colours
Date 25/10/2008 19:41  Author detail  Hits 1210  Language Global

Learn about Colours


Colour is everywhere! Look around you. How many colours can you see? Do you know the names of colours in English? Do you know how to spell the colours properly? Here is a colour chart to help you with some of the most common colours. The first 7 colours on the wheel are the colours of the rainbow.
* These colours may be slightly different on some computers.

In British English we write colour. In American English we write color.

Listen to the pronunciation...

WSM Image
1 red
2 orange
3 yellow
4 green
5 blue
6 indigo
7 violet
8 purple
9 pink
10 silver
11 gold
12 beige
13 brown
14 grey
15 black
16 white

How to use colour in a sentence

There are three different ways to describe the colour of something:

  1. My dad's car is red.
  2. The red car is my dad's.
  3. Red is the colour of my dad's car.


Colours have different shades. You can have:

dark green light green bright green

When you aren't exactly sure how to describe a colour you can use the suffix "ish". Native speakers often use "ish" to describe colours! For example, a colour can be:

purplish reddish blueish

If you love these colours, you will enjoy learning many more colours in English. There are so many fun ones to learn. Colours are often named after things they remind us of. For example:

shell pink navy blue salmon

Now learn how to remember the colours, and then do the quiz:

Remember Colours with Poetry

Poetry is a great way to have fun with colours. Writing poems about colours will help you remember them. You don't have to write perfect sentences. Just have fun. Try these three different styles.

Acrostic Poem

Write a colour in a vertical line on a piece of paper. Use the first letter to write a word or phrase that reminds you of the colour, for example:

O range juice
R ed's neigbour
A lways bright
N ice with black
G rab a pumpkin
E at your carrots

Senses Poem

There are 5 senses that help us understand our world. We use our nose to smell. We use our tongues to taste. We use our eyes to see. We use our ears to hear. And we use our fingers to touch. The world is a colourful place and we can use our 5 senses to describe it. Follow the pattern here and write your own colourful poem:

Line Words Example
1 Colour smells like... Purple smells like lilacs.
2 Colour tastes like... Purple tastes like grape juice.
3 Colour looks like... Purple looks like the end of a sunset.
4 Colour sounds like... Purple sounds like popping bubbles.
5 Colour feels like... Purple feels like monster fuzz.

Diamond Poem

In this type of poem you have to choose two different colours. One goes in the first line and the other goes in the seventh line. Follow the pattern to create your own poem. When you are finished your poem will be shaped like a diamond.

Line Words
1 First colour
2 Two adjectives that describe the first colour
3 Three "ing" verbs that remind you of the first colour
4 Two nouns that describe the first colour and two nouns that describe the second colour
5 Three "ing" verbs that remind you of the second colour
6 Two adjectives that describe the second colour
7 Second colour
brilliant royal
calming cooling looming
horizon water grasses trees
giving living starting
healthy delicious

Parts of Speech Review:
An adjective is a describing word.
An "ing" verb is an action word that continues.
A noun is a person, place, or thing.

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