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Prepositions of Time Exercise
Date 09/11/2008 18:29  Author detail  Hits 2338  Language Global
Prepositions of Time Exercise

1. I hate doing the shopping ___________ Saturdays
2. She passed her driving test ___________ March.
3. Valencia is too hot for me ___________ summer.
4. ___________ Sunday mornings I have coffee and toast for breakfast and read the newspaper.
5. ___________ Monday and Wednesday evenings I go to English class.
6. We're planning to go skiing ___________ Easter.
7. It's ridiculous. The bank closes ___________ 2:30 pm.
8. Jim had a terrible journey to Wales ___________ Christmas Eve 2003.
9. ___________ 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
10. Some people study best ___________ night but I prefer the morning.
11. I love watching the James Bond film ___________ Christmas Day.
12. I normally phone my girlfriend ___________ 10 o'clock every evening.
13. I hate going out ___________ the week.
14. We usually go out for dinner ___________ the weekend.
15. She's always very grumpy first thing ___________ the morning.

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