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Jobs, Professions, Occupations
Date 17/11/2008 01:15  Author detail  Hits 1188  Language Global

Jobs, Professions, Occupations


president, vice-president; executive officer (CEO);

director, deputy director, financial director;

manager, general manager, assistant manager, PR manager;




office clerk, receptionist, secretary, typist, stenographer;



banker, bank officer; accountant, bookkeeper, economist; teller, cashier; auditor;



doctor, physician, family doctor, general practitioner;

eye specialist, throat specialist, heart specialist / cardiologist, surgeon, pediatrician, dentist, dietician, pharmacist, veterinarian;

psychiatrist, analyst, therapist;

nurse, paramedic;



chef, head cook, cook;

maitre d’, headwaiter, waiter, waitress; bartender / barman;


Sales and Stores

sales representative; sales manager;

salesperson, salesman, saleswoman / salesgirl; seller, sales clerk; cashier;

wholesale buyer, wholesaler, retailer; distributor;

advertising agent;


Art and Creative Work

artist, painter;

musician, composer, singer, dancer;

film director, producer, actor, actress, cameraman;

writer, author, playwright, dramatist, scenarist;

reporter, journalist; photographer;

architect; designer, interior designer, web-designer;


School and College

principal, dean; professor, teacher, student, pupil;



engineer, technician, mechanic;

builder, construction worker, repairer;

welder, bricklayer / mason, carpenter, plumber, painter;



scientist, scholar, researcher, explorer;

mathematician, physicist, chemist, astronomer, biologist, historian, archeologist, economist, philosopher, psychologist;


Law and Order

judge, lawyer, attorney;

detective, police officer, policeman, traffic officer;

guard, bodyguard;



expert, specialist; consultant, advisor (adviser);

pilot, flight attendant / stewardess;

computer programmer, computer operator;

driver, taxi driver, bus driver, truck driver;

firefighter, librarian, farmer, tailor, model, politician, priest;

hairdresser / hairstylist, barber; beautician, cosmetologist;

cleaning lady / cleaning woman;


Places of Work

office, agency, enterprise, company, business; plant, factory; hospital.


Related Terms

employer, employee; staff member, to be on staff;

to work full-time, to work part-time; to have a part-time job; to work overtime;

temporary worker, season worker;

contract, work agreement;

monthly pay, weekly pay, hourly pay, yearly pay / annual pay;

to be paid by the hour, to be paid by the month;

pay, wages, salary, income;

gross pay, net pay, take-home pay; bonus, overtime pay;

taxes; expenses; deductions;

fringe benefits, sick leave, medical insurance;

to hire, to fire, to quit (your job);

unemployed, jobless; to look for a job;

letter of application for a job; resume, CV, interview.


Related Phrases

What do you do?

What business are you in?

I am a stockbroker.

I am a car dealer.

I am a sales representative.

I work as a psychologist.

I sell computers.

I have a small business of my own.

I work at a transportation company.

I work at a small film company.

I am in real estate.

I am in advertising.

I work for a newspaper.

I am a freelance writer.

I am a homemaker. / I work at home.

I am looking for a job right now.

I am unemployed at the moment.

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