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Verbs and Daily Routines Lesson Plan
Date 21/11/2008 22:28  Author detail  Hits 1701  Language Global
Verbs and Daily Routines Lesson Plan

Objective: Use present simple verbs

Time:45 minutes

Resources: pictures or video clips of superheroes (Batman, Spiderman, Superman, etc.), blank daily schedule sheets (one per student OR one per small group)

Level: Beginner to Advanced (with adjustment)

Warm Up (15 minutes)

Say, "How many of you have seen any movies about superheroes?" Allow students to answer and share about the movies they've seen.

Show students pictures of video clips of different superheroes. Ask them questions like, "Does anyone know who this is?" "What does he do?" "Does he have any special powers or abilities?" Allow students to discuss.

Activity (30 minutes)

Say, "Now we know that superheroes can get very busy. Let's pretend that each of you has been hired as the personal assistant (PA) of a superhero. You get to choose the superhero or you can ever make up your own superhero. Part of your job is to keep his daily schedule for him."

Give students a few examples of what a superhero might do. Think of Batman. Write the following examples on the board for students.

8:00am - He wakes up and checks his email in the Bat Cave.
9:00am - He goes running and works out in his personal gym.
10:00am - He gets dressed in his Bat Suit and reads the newspaper.
11:00am - He gets a call from the Mayor asking him to drive into the city to help.

After giving the example to students, you can have them work individually, in pairs or in small groups (of 3 or 4) to fill in their superhero's daily schedule. Give each student/group/pair one copy of a blank daily planner. Encourage them to brainstorm things that a superhero might do.

After you individual/group/pair is finished have students share their schedules with each other. Have the class vote on which superhero they would like to have protecting their city.

If some students finish early, you can ask them to draw their superhero. You can also make this a published project by having students draw pictures and make their superhero's schedule in display format. Be sure to give them plenty of paper and colored markers.
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