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Animal Sounds
Date 29/11/2008 19:16  Author detail  Hits 1735  Language Global

Animals make distinct sounds, some of these sounds have their own word. Do you need to learn these? Probably not.
Bees buzz.
Cats go miaow. They purr when they're happy.
Cockerels go cock-a-doodle-doo.
Cows go moo.
Dogs bark or go woof woof. They growl when they're angry.
Ducks quack.
Flies buzz.
Frogs croak or go ribbit.
Geese honk.
Goats bleat.
Hens cluck.
Horses neigh.
Mice squeak.
Pigs oink or grunt or squeal.
Sheep bleat or go baa.
Snakes hiss.
Toads croak.
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