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Aussie Slang Words
Date 20/07/2009 20:48  Author detail  Hits 1408  Language Global
Aussie (pron. Ozzie) : Australian
Ace! : Excellent! Very good!
Ankle biter : small child
Arvo : afternoon
Bizzo : business ("mind your own bizzo")
Chewie : chewing gum
Chokkie : chocolate
Chook : a chicken
Chrissie : Christmas
Coldie : a beer
Franger : condom
Face, off one's : drunk ("He was off his face by 9pm")
Furphy : false or unreliable rumour
Esky : large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc.
Exy : expensive
Dux : top of the class (n.); to be top of the class (v.) - "She duxed four of her subjects".
Durry : tobacco, cigarette
Docket : a bill, receipt
Doco : documentary
Going off : used of a night spot or party that is a lot of fun - "the place was really going off"
Good oil : useful information, a good idea, the truth
Good onya : good for you, well done
Hottie : hot water bottle
Hoon : hooligan
Jumbuck : sheep
Journo : journalist
Knocker : somebody who criticises
Lippy : lipstick
Piece of piss : easy task
Pig's arse! : I don't agree with you
Porky : Lie, untruth (pork pie = lie)
Port : suitcase
Postie : postman
Pozzy : position
Prezzy : present, gift
Spunk : a good looking person (of either sex)
Stoked : very pleased
Skite : boast, brag
Yabber : talk (a lot)
Yakka : work (noun)
Tinny : can of beer
Too right! : definitely!
Swagman : tramp, hobo
Rego : vehicle registration
Rellie or relo : family relative
Rage : party
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