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Real English Video Lessons
Date 07/09/2009 22:40  Author detail  Hits 19045  Language Global

1 Hi ! 2 Where are you from ? 3 alphabet
4 favorite color 5 nationality 6 introductions
7 zodiac 8 how old are you 9 what time is it ?
8d dates 10 Jones family 11 are you married ?
13a Americans 14a British 12 the weather
13b Americans 14b British 15 what can you do
16a French 17 Italians 18 Germans
19 directions 20 going to a place 21 introduction to do
22 continental airlines 23a what have you got ? 24a what do you do ?
25 Scottish and English 23b what have you got ? 24b what's your job ?
26 time and frequency 27a Do for fun 27b Do for fun
28 music and movies 29 like to do 30 like to do
31 how long does it take 32a where do you live ? 32b where do you live ?
34 introduction to doing 35 what are tey doing ? 36 american dream
37 what are you doing ? 38 are you wearing ? 39 comparatives - superl.
40 going to 42 was were 43 did marty
44 on Saturday night 46 did yesterday 47 used to do
48 present perfect 49 Sophia sings 50 maira and roberta
51 have done - did 52 present perfect 53 the messenger
54 coincidence 55 women 57 present perfect
59 second conditional 60 homeless in florida 61 christina and karen
66 dorothy 68 the best year 69a topical clip
69b achieve 76 homeless in florida 77 one way love
78 love gets me every. 86 colonel Roberts 80 second language
81a second language 82a second language 80b second language
81b second language 82b second language 83 second language
84 second language   foot volley    
hello!!!! Iwant to see your videos about english lessons and activities but i don't know how to get the "plugin".....please can you help me thank you
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