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Linking Verb Activities

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Date: 16/11/2008 20:01
Linking Verb Activities
Linking Verb Activities

1) Multiple choose about linking verbs

1. The burglar ---- with the cash.
a. tasted b. disappeared c. looked d. seems

2. The director ---- the actors, "Do your best, and we'll be a hit."
a. appeared b. sounds c. feel d. told

3. He ---- tell me if he thought we were in danger.
a. would b. became c. were d. tasted

4. His ability to concentrate --- legendary.
a. feel b. sounds c. is d. was

5. The campers ---- inside the cabin when they saw the bear.
a. sounds b. hid c. looked d. smells

6. Alex ---- swimming in the state championship next week.
a. seems b. appeared c. is d. smell

7. Frustrated with the official?s call, Ethan ---- the bench.
a. tasted b. saw c. kicked d. looked
8. The student ----- too long and failed to finish the project.
a. were b. procrastinated c. disappeared d. become

9. The vegetarian burger ---- like salted cardboard.
a. procrastinated b. seemed c. looked d. tasted

10. Ellen ---- to the audience and sang her song.
a. nodded b. were c. feel d. sounds


1) b 2) d 3) a 4) c 5) b
6) c 7) c 8) b 9) d 10) a

2) Fill in the blanks with linking verbs

1. When Murat woke up, he ----- fresh.
2. Joe is the of ----- the estate.
3. The guitar ---- out of tune.
4. The book with the torn cover ---- well read.
5. The rice soup ---- a bit bland.
6. The record ---- scratchy.
7. The weather ---- cloudy very quickly.
8. Mother ---- the president of the chamber of commerce a few year ago.
9. If you ---- there, you would help you dig out of the snow.
10. Just before the curtain went up, Robert ---- nervous.

1) felt 2) executor 3) sounds 4) looked 5) tasted
6) sounded 7) became 8) was 9) were 10) appeared

3) Put in the correct order
1) After/ /the old milk/Bladimiro/ drinking/green/turned.
2) Irene/ /feels / on pizza / always /after /pigging out / sleepy.
3) The/ stew / good / squid /tasted / eyeball.
4) I / aroma / the delicious/ smell /of /a mushroom.
5) The/ smells /and / heavenly / pizza / mushroom / papaya.
6) The / their / travelers / looked at / distressed /map.
7) The/ hopelessly /looked/ map / confusing.
8) on / balcony / Superman /Lois Lane's / appeared.
9) happy /appeared/ Superman / Lois /see/ to.
10) mad /seems/ Sandra.

1) After drinking the old milk, Bladimiro turned green.
2) Irene always feels sleepy after pigging out on pizza.
3) The squid eyeball stew tasted good.
4) I smell the delicious aroma of a mushroom.
5) The mushroom and papaya pizza smells heavenly.
6) The distressed travelers looked at their map.
7) The map looked hopelessly confusing.
8) Superman appeared on Lois Lane's balcony.
9) Superman appeared happy to see Lois.
10) Sandra seems mad.

4) Matching

1) Even with the nomination out of reach,
2) Liberals became indistinguishable
3) He feels certain
4) ?We got tough on crime,"
5) He grew discouraged with the number of low-level drug
6) Proactive policing entails rousting people
7) If an approach proves faulty,
8) The chairman remains confused about
9) In the current contentious climate,
10) If you leave that spoiled meat on the counter,

a) he appears unwilling to concede.
b) from conservatives on the issue.
c) that any mandatory minimum needs an escape clause.
d) he said.
e) offenders doing 15- and 20-year stretches.
f) who look suspicious.
g) laws can be changed.
h) how to vote on these policies.
I) the political system seems locked in place.
j) the room will smell terrible.

5) True or False
These are lnking verbs ?T or F?
1. Her brother likes bananas, but she likes peaches. (T/F)
2. Adjunct faculty are teaching in several of the lower division courses. (T/F)
3. The director told the actors, "Do your best, and we'll be a hit." (T/F)
4. Regis Philbin, the host of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," smiled at her answer. (T/F)
5. When the contestant completed the first test,she received another clue. (T/F)
6. Dennis became impatient when Thomas took so long choosing a movie. (T/F)
7. President Clinton pushed into the crowd and shook her hand. (T/F)
8. The hiker turned quickly toward the noise behind him. (T/F)
9. Our teacher gave each of us another chance to take the exam. (T/F)
10. After the chef completed the demonstration, she left the students to clean the kitchen. (T/F)

1.T 2. T 3. F 4. T 5. T 6. F 7. F 8. T 9. F 10. T

6) Error Analysis
?Find the error in the sentences?
1.The test indicates that Sarah was a genius.
2.Toni Morrison were the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
3.Roads was a slushy mess on Monday along parts of the East Coast.
4.Smoking appears to be the cause of the blaze.
5.It were a sad day.
6.The writer were proud of her efforts.
7.Before the show, Malik seems nervous.
8.Liberals becames indistinguishable from conservatives on the issue.
9.He feels certain that any mandatory minimum need an escape clause.
10.Proactive policing entails rousting people who looks suspicious.

1.The test indicates that Sarah is a genius.
2.Toni Morrison was the first African-American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize.
3.Roads were a slushy mess on Monday along parts of the East Coast.
4.Smoking appeared to be the cause of the blaze.
5.It was a sad day.
6.The writer was proud of her efforts.
7.Before the show, Malik seemed nervous.
8.Liberals became indistinguishable from conservatives on the issue.
9.He feels certain that any mandatory minimum needs an escape clause.
10.Proactive policing entails rousting people who look suspicious.

7) General Questions
?Answer these questions?
1) Is the play waiting for Godot?
2) Did it become tedious after the first fifteen minutes?
3) Does the cast appear disorganised and confused?
4) Does the play seem absurd to me?
5) Does the water in Winnipeg taste terrible?
6) Does my neighbour's singing voice sound very squeaky?
7) Does Cynthia feel queasy whenever she listens to banjo music?
8) Does the cheesecake tastes delicious?
9) Does Sandra seem mad?
10) Did the map look hopelessly confusing?


1. Yes,the play waiting for Godot?
2. No,it didn?t become tedious after the first fifteen minutes.
3. Yes,the cast appear disorganised and confused.
4. Yes,the play seem absurd to me.
5. No,the water in Winnipeg tastes terrible.
6. No,my neighbour's singing voice sounds very squeaky.
7. Cynthia feels queasy whenever she listens to banjo music.
8. The cheesecake tastes delicious.
9. Sandra seems mad.
10. The map looked hopelessly confusing.

8) Tag Questions

1. The fish tastes good,doesn?t it?
2. These bananas are ripe,aren?t they?
3. Your perfume smells nice,doesn?t it?
4. Lady Godiva chocolates are expensive,aren?t they?
5. That Claude Monet painting seems crooked,doesn?t it?
6. Those tourists look tired,don?t they?
7. Is Marco a good math student,isn?t he?
8. The record sounded scratchy,didn?t it?
9. The mushroom soup tasted a bit bland,didn?t it?
10. The sky became cloudy very quickly,didn?t it?

9) Complete the Sentence

1. My grumpy old English teacher smiled ---------
2. The daredevil cockroach splashed --------
3. Theo's overworked computer ----------
4. The curious toddler popped ---------
5. Francisco's comic book collection is ----------
6. Potato chips crunch ------------
7. After receiving another failing grade in algebra,--------
8. A three-mile run seems like a marathon during a hot, -----------
9. At restaurants, Rami always feels angry ----------
10. The calculus formula looked ----------

1. at the plate of cold meatloaf.
2. into Sara's soup.
3. exploded in a spray of sparks.
4. a grasshopper into her mouth.
5. worth $20,000.00.
6. too loudly to eat during an exam.
7. Jose became depressed.
8. humid July afternoon.
9. after waiting an hour for a poor meal.
10. hopelessly confusing.

10) Asking Questions?
Answer these questions?
1. What doesn?t Shari like?
2. Who's going to the movies with me?
3. Is anyone helping Heitor with his homework?
4. What is the color of the ball?
5. How is the cat?
6. When will dog become thin?
7. How does cake smell?
8. How is the health of Jane?
9. When will the child be tall?
10. What is the weight of children?

1. Shari doesn't like anything that tastes spicy.
2. I am going to movies with you.
3. I'm not sure. Suzanne could be.
4. The ball is red.
5. The cat seems fine.
6. The dog became thin after his surgery.
7. The cake smells good!
8. Jane appeared uninjured after the accident.
9. The child will be tall five years from now.
10. The children are small.
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