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D 1 Past Tense Regular D 2 Past Tense Irregular  D 3 Past Simple  D 4 Future T Going to  D 5 Future Tense Will
D 6 Do you like D 7 Where do you live Dialogue 8 Can D 9 Possessive Adj and pro Dialogue 10 Used to 

 Dialogue 11 Weather  Dialogue 12 Want      
 U1 Making A Phone Call U2 Visiting A Friend  U3 Greeting And Introduction U 4 Breakfast Recommendation U 5 Ordering Food
U 6 Check Please U 7 Meeting A Friend U 8 How is your car U 9 About the Train U 10 A pair of Shoes
U11 Buying A phone U12 Directions to the toilet U13 Make an Appointment For Later U14 Choosing A movie U15 What a coincidence
 U16 Making A Date U17 Going to the Shop U18 Postponing U19 Passing A Message U20 Making A Reservation
U21 At the Restaurant U22 Making a Toast      
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