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Gogo1 My name is Gogo Gogo 2 What is his name Gogo 3 She is my mother Gogo 4 What is this Gogo 5 Is that a tiger
Gogo 6 what colour is this Gogo 7 What are they Gogo 8 How old are you Gogo 9 How many are they Gogo 10 What is the time
Gogo 11 What do you like Gogo 12 Do you like sausages Gogo 13 Revision Gogo 14 Have you got a ruler Gogo 15 lets eat
Gogo 16 I can swim Gogo 17 You are big Gogo 18 We are hungry Gogo 19 She has got a towel Gogo 20 I want a jumper
Gogo 21 Where is Gogo Gogo 22 What is she doing Gogo 23 What are we doing Gogo 24 We are building a tree
Gogo 25 Where are you going

Gogo 26 Revision Gogo 27 May I have a blanket Gogo 28 Whose dress is it Gogo 29That is a big dinosaur Gogo 30 how much is that robot
Gogo 31 I want to go to the moon Gogo 32 The yellow kite is hers Gogo 33 When is your birthday Gogo 34 Show me your tickets
Gogo 35 I want some cards
Gogo 36 May I have some soup Gogo 37 This camel moves quickly      
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