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Slang and Idioms Video Lessons Series
Date 28/03/2015 01:22  Author detail  Hits 908  Language Global

The English Slang and Idioms series is very important to improving your English. Studying and remembering English slang and idioms is fun to do, but it can also be very difficult. These videos will help you understand and use many types of English slang and idioms. These videos are for intermediate to advanced learners. We try to teach the most popular and common English slang and idioms.

There are 31 videos with a lot of important and useful slang and idioms you should study and use. All of these videos show common and well-known slang and idioms. Learning these will help your English conversations skills.

These lessons were produced by ShawEnglish


Lesson 1 Slang and Idioms Introduction
Lesson 2 I am broke
Lesson 3 Tie the Knot, Get Hitched
Lesson 4 Eye Candy
Lesson 5 Bar Expressions
Lesson 6 Suck, This Sucks
Lesson 7
Hella Hecka
Lesson 8 Pissed, Pissed off
Lesson 9 Bummer
Lesson 10 No Worries, It is All Good
Lesson 11 Breath of Fresh Air
Lesson 12  Piece of Cake
Lesson 13 John Slang
Lesson 14 Online Gaming Slang
Lesson 15 Not My Cup Of Tea
Lesson 16  Awesome
Lesson 17 To Dump Someone
Lesson 18 Hit On
Lesson 19  Couch Potato
Lesson 20 British Slang
Lesson 21 What's Up
Lesson 22 High Maintenance
Lesson 23 Puppy Love
Lesson 24 Kiss and Tell
Lesson 25 Dang
Lesson 26 Chill
Lesson 27 Beat, Nasty
Lesson 28 Smoking Slang
Lesson 29 Gut Feeling
Lesson 30 Raining Cats and Dogs
Lesson 31 Nature's Call

For more lessons and exercises visit ShawEnglish Website
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